What will I experience, what will happen during my counseling appointment?

If you scheduled counseling or therapy appointment, what would your experience be like? 

First, I believe I provide clients with the experience of being listened to far better than they have likely encountered with other health care providers.   Clients and patients need an opportunity to put their problems or difficulties into their own words.  I exercise great patience helping them do just that.  You need to a chance to hear themselves think out loud in a safe, nonjudgmental setting

Second I tend to focus on helping clients identify and then reframe their problem, either as an internal conflict they have been unable to resolve or, a situation they feel they cannot cope with.  In other words, I think the most important part of your first appointment is helping you put into words what you think, feel, but cannot find the words to accurately express.  I can guarantee there are imporant aspects of your problem you have not been able to put into words!  A related aspect of counseling or therapy is helping clients articulate what they say to themselves i.e., their internal dialogue or ‘self-talk’, which reflects the conflicts and problems they have not yet resolved.   In summary, much of what I do falls under the technical term, “cognitive therapy”

Third, I think clients find me to be highly practical.  I tend to help them focus on the ‘here and now’.  I will not inquire much about the happened during an adult client’s childhood or other ‘history’, unless it is truly relevant to their current problem.   I realize many therapists think it is helpful for clients to gain insight into the causes and history of their problem.  However,  I don’t find it to be particularly useful or necessary to understand  ‘why’ something happened.  Rather, I primarily focus our therapy effort on ‘what to do about it’.  This is is a more efficient use of your therapy time.  Similarly, spending time finding a label for a problem e.g., a diagnosis, is not as important as finding solutions to it. 

I think you will find that I am unlike others you may have talked to about your problems.  I look forward to meeting you. 

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