How will I connect with my therapist at the time of my teletherapy appointment?

Once you have scheduled an appointment, you will be sent some paperwork similar to what you fill out when you visit your physician’s office. This includes a Consent Form, and general problem checklist.  You will also be sent a link to an app that you will download and install, and will then help you log into the secured teletherapy system we use, (Verizon’s BlueJeans system).  Please remember that you can cancel your appointment at any time up to 24 hours in advance; you will be refunded your therapy fee in full. If you cancel later than 24 hours, you will be billed 50% of the fee, but this fee is forgiven if you immediately schedule another appointment. 

We ask that where possible, you use a quality microphone and camera with your PC, tablet or laptop.   Cell phones can also be used but transmission quality can be a problem unless you have a very good signal with a cell tower. In the event the tele-video connection fails, Dr. Stein will call you on your cell phone directly to complete the appointment.  

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