How do I choose the best therapist for me?

Choosing the right doctor or behavioral health provider can be a confusing task. One person may prefer to talk to someone who has spent much of their career training other counselors or doctors because they assume that such a person really knows the theory, procedures etc., related to particular treatments. Some may want a therapist who has vast experience developing the very latest techniques and who publishes research on these techniques in respected professional journals. Still others may simply want to see someone who has exceptional breadth of experience helping lots of people with multiple problems, much like a highly experienced family health physician. 

I am confident I offer a combination of all of the above attributes:  1) unique advanced training; a Ph.D. clinical psychologist, with a specialty area (health psychology).  2)  20+ years of experience as a professor and trainer of counselors and Ph.D. psychologists  at major universities;  3) a treatment perspective that incorporates new knowledge I have developed as a university researcher; and 4) the skills obtained through years of applied practice in clinics, hospitals, etc. Therefore, I am confident I can help you with your concerns and would likely be a good match for what you are looking for in a behavioral health practitioner or consultant.

Most recently, I have been serving as a Ph.D. clinical health psychologist with the U.S. Air force, working with active duty members and their families in medical facilities.  My unique combination of training and experience has effectively assisted clients with such challenges as depression, anxiety, sleep problems, chronic pain, Type 2 diabetes, and marital problems, ADHD, and many other difficulties.  I work well with individuals who are reluctant to talk to a therapist about personal problems or are very ambivalent about making changes in their life.

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