Besides counseling, what consultation services do you offer?

You can obtain assistance with behavioral management of difficult employees, as Dr. Stein has over 12 years of personnel management experience, particularly in the public sector e.g., higher education.

Dr. Stein will also contract with individuals regarding developing graduate program theses and research dissertations. He can help you with all stages, from idea development, proposal composition, research design and data analysis expertise, planning a research thesis or dissertation document, preparing for a dissertation defense meeting, etc. This assistance can help students who feel they have an inactive or less-than-engaged major professor or dissertation chairperson and need more guidance. Dr. Stein has successfully chaired over 50 research thesis and dissertation committees at major, publicly-funded universities. Assistance in these domains must be limited to topics in education, social sciences and health, i.e., topics within the areas of our expertise.

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