Peace of Mind Counseling and Consultation Services

All Services Offered in Our Layton, UT Office or Online (Utah and Arizona)

Peace of Mind Counseling and Consultation provides both traditional, face-to-face services through our Layton, Utah office (124 S. Fairfield Rd), or our exceptional online Teletherapy Service.  The online service is available to residents of Utah and Arizona.   To discuss services, please call:  (435) 512-7759 or use the Contact Us button at the top of this screen.  

Online Therapy Services From the Comfort of Your Own Home or Office

Are you extremely fearful of leaving your home?  Do you have problems with mobility due to pain or injury?  Do you travel extensively and have great difficulty fitting health care appointments into your schedule?  Peace of Mind Counseling keeps you in control of your valuable time by providing online services from the comfort of your own home.  These services save you time and money.  For example, you will save at least on hour of travel time you’d normally have to set aside for an office visit.   This approach also helps eliminate the risk of being late to an appointment because you don’t have to take time out of your day to travel to a doctors’ office.  If you have problems with transportation, health or mobility disability challenges, having counseling in your home  is especially important to you.   You also have better control over scheduling appointments.  You can quickly schedule or cancel appointments online, without having to check in with a scheduling receptionist or deal with a call center. 

With Peace of Mind Counseling, you have better control over security and safety of services.   Some therapists may use an open messaging system or regular phone services which can be accessed or eavesdropped on.  They may use Skype for your audio/video interactions, which is less secure compared to a specialized telehealth systems.   We use an encrypted email service and video/audio communications services from a company known for its security and privacy. 

What equipment do you need for online services?  A computer with adequate camera and microphone, or your personal electronic device (smartphone, IPad, etc.)

Psychotherapy:   25 and 50 min. appointments

Because of my training in behavioral medicine and health psychology, I can work with especially challenging clients i.e., those with multiple emotional, behavioral health and relationship problems. I am especially pleased when clients report that I actually “get it”, meaning that I understand how overwhelming and difficult their problems are because they seem so complicated. My clients range from child to adult, and seniors. Special skills in helping active duty military, their families and veterans. I regularly trained Ph.D. students for many years in empircally supported treatments, primarily Cognitive Therapy and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Motivational Interviewing. This experience allows me to help people who are very reluctant to ask for counseling or therapy.  You can enjoy counseling in the comfort of your home if you simply have a computer, tablet, IPad or smart phone. 

Peace of Mind Consultation Services

Research Thesis and Dissertation Guidance

Students in masters and doctoral degree programs are sometimes working with a thesis or dissertation chairperson who is not fulfilling their responsibility to mentor them effectively.  As a result, their project may be languishing or failing.

Dr. Stein has served as either chairperson or committee member on over 75 graduate student thesis or research dissertation projects at major, state sponsored universities.   He can help students refine research ideas, turn them in to projects that are actually ‘do-able’ and provide coaching about appropriate research methods and statistical analyses. Excellent writing and editorial support staff is also available.

Social Security Disability Case Evaluation

If you are seeking social security disability (SSD) due to complex health and mental health concerns, Dr. Stein can provide you with an objective opinion about the viability of the mental health aspects of your case.   He does this carefully reviewing  your relevant medical records. He is able to look for the kinds of objective medical evidence that is present or absent, as he knows exactly what SSD case review experts judge to be adequate evidence. 

Dr. Stein has testified in federal adjudication (court) hearings on over 1000 social security disability cases.  He can provide you with  specific guidance about what acceptable evidence you likely need to acquire for your case.