TeleTherapy (50 Min. Appointments)


Receive psychotherapy from the comfort of your home or place of work.

    • Look at the Calendar below and find a date that contains openings.  Next, click on a 50 minute period you wish to claim.
    • Upon scheduling your appointment, you will receive an email containing a Consent Form and Request for Information.  Complete and return.
    • You will be sent a second email with information about how to use the telehealth online system for your appointment.  Please check your spam folder if you do not see this second email within 24 hrs of your appointment.

You may cancel your appointment at any time with 100% of the fee refunded so long as it is more than 8 hours before your appointment.  If you cancel within 8 hours or fail to attend your appointment without notice, a 50% services fee is charged.

If you wish to reschedule, please  cancel your existing appointment and select a new date and time.  This will prevent duplication of your appointment fee.  At this time, only direct pay for services is offered (no insurance is currently being accepted).