Consult: Thesis and Dissertation Mentoring

Get help with your research thesis or dissertation.  Schedule a one-hour free consultation to discuss your needs, projected costs, etc.


Dr. Stein will contract with graduate students to assist with completing their research thesis or dissertation.  He has chaired dozens of such projects at major, state-funded research universities in the U.S.  Students may need this assistance if their thesis/dissertation committee or chairperson fails to adequately guide and mentor them in this area.   He can help you at any and all stages of your thesis or dissertation e.g., pre-proposal to statistical analyses, to defensible final draft document.   You should already have a research idea and all procedures generally approved by the chair of your committee.  However, Dr. Stein can help you identify a project that is specific and actually do-able based on the research question you have in mind.

Your contract will identify specific tasks that need to be completed, as well as timelines for each step or task.   It will include a single fee for all remaining work that needs to be completed, regardless of the number of hours it takes i.e., you are not charged an hourly rate.  

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You can schedule an hour with Dr. Stein to discuss the scope of your project, what needs to be accomplished, and fees involved to move from where you are presently, to completion.