Consult: Social Security Disability Case Assessment

If you are seeking social security disability (SSD) due to complex health and mental health concerns, Dr. Stein will give you an objective opinion about the viability of the mental health aspects of your case.   He will do this by first, carefully reviewing  your relevant medical records.   He will identify all of the available, objective medical evidence that may be present or absent, as he knows exactly what SSD case review experts hired by the government will require.

Dr. Stein has testified in federal adjudication (court) hearings on over 1000 social security cases and can help you understand how your problems will be judged by SSD experts in terms of their impact your ability to work full time.   More importantly, he can provide you with  specific guidance about what acceptable information or sources of evidence you likely need to acquire for your case.  Contact him today about consulting with you about your case.

Click here to inquire about obtaining a social security disability case evaluation. Dr. Stein will contact you directly