Employee Behavior Consultation


Receive confidential guidance and a second opinion about how to manage difficult behavior problems with employees or misbehavior by leadership colleagues.

Choose a date on the Calendar below.   Next, choose a Time for your appointment i.e., a 50 minute time period that meets your needs.  If a date and time are already reserved by someone, continue searching for an available date and time.

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You may cancel your appointment at any time with 100% of the fee refunded so long as it is more than 24 hours before your appointment.  If you cancel within 24 hrs of your appointment, 50% of the fee is refunded.  You can reschedule at any time.  If you wish to reschedule, you will need to first, cancel your existing appointment and then, select another date and time.  This will prevent duplication of your appointment fee.

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With over 25 years of experience working with high-level leaders in organization, mentoring department heads, etc., we can consult with you about managing employee or leadership behavior problems. In particular, we will help you weigh decisions regarding both “what to do” and, “how to do it”. To maximize the benefit of our consultation, you will want to be fully familiar with your organization’s personnel policy manual, as we will want to make sure behavior change solutions compliment company rules and policies. You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain by getting a second opinion. We are more than happy to help.